Angel & Tarot Card Readings

Angel and Angel Tarot Card readings can help with guidance, confirmation and direction.

I am an intuitive reader, meaning that I provide all information that is given to me even outside of the message on the card itself, this means you often get an in-depth much more personal reading, one which can also includes messages from people on the other side.

I draw on the energies of various Angel and Angel Tarot card packs and will pick the most appropriate to your situation or question.  Sometimes I may use a couple of decks ensuring I provide you with as much accurate information as possible.

General Readings

These readings provide insight on many aspects of life which could include Life Purpose and Romance.  These are great readings for those that are seeking information on a number of areas of life and are also good for those that may not have a specific question.

As the name suggests these readings can be helpful if you would like an overall snapshot of your life.



Email Readings:-            £15.00 
Phone Readings:-           £25.00 for 30 Minutes
Live Chat Readings:-     £25.00 for 30 Minutes
Face to face readings:-   £35.00 for 30 Minutes

I also offer specific areas of life readings such as :-

Life Purpose Angel Card Readings
These readings provide useful and helpful insight regarding your Life Purpose, it often confirms or provides insight on your unique talents and abilities.

These readings can be helpful if you are:-

  • Seeking insight as to your true Life Purpose and fulfil your Soul's Mission in Life.
  • Seeking the knowledge as to which career or job would make you feel more fulfilled.
  • Seeking guidance on a Career Change.
  • Seeking guidance on how to utilise your unique gifts and talents
  • Seeking guidance on turning your unique gifts and talents into a successful career.

Love & Romance Readings

These readings provide useful and helpful insight regarding your past, current and future romantic circumstances.

These readings can be helpful if you are:-
  • Seeking guidance on your current relationship.
  • Seeking guidance on when your romantic expectations and wishes will manifest.
  • Seeking guidance on timescales for major romantic events such as engagement, wedding etc...
  • Seeking guidance as to the path of your mindset towards relationships.

In each area it is advantageous for you to ask specific questions, this way you can get the most from your reading and the guidance you are wishing to receive.

Here are a few comments I have received from recent readings:-

Carol - Bristol UK
Thank you so much for my reading - you have made me feel a whole lot better with myself and maybe now I can move on in life. Thank you again xxx

Kiesha - Paignton UK
Thank you very much for my reading this morning on my Life Purpose. You answered my question perfectly and explained everything that I would love to experience in my career path - hopefully I am heading on the right path that leads me to the very outcome you described :) Thank you very much - highly recommended!

Michael - Virginia USA
Great reading, very insightful, and very accurate. Thank you :)

Leigh - Leicester UK
Traci, thank you so much for my ridiculously accurate & thought provoking reading today. This has been one of the most emotional experiences of my life. 5* Reading! x

Camille - Earls Barton UK
Thank you for this mornings reading Traci. I wasn't sure what to expect, but you hit the nail on the head with it all, even down to the house! I'm still in shock at who came through also. Thank you xx

Sammy-Jo - Life Purpose Reading - Plymouth UK
First of all WOW! thank you very much! Everything you said made perfect sense with everything that's going on! I feel so much happier about the 'career change' I was just starting to journey through, I'm so excited to see all the other parts of my reading come through! Thank you very much Traci! Xxx

Bruzene - Life Purpose Reading - Dieprivier South Africa
I had a reading today with Tracy and it was on Point. Highly recommended. Thanks again for the reading

Many of these reviews can also be seen in the comments section of my facebook page

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